Seeing the World one CONE at a time!


Priority ONE is the quality of the ice cream. We will report on the taste, presentation, and anything unique.  We will begin with our four favorite locations.  We usually try to get strawberry, chocolate chip, or pralines & creme since these are the Cone-A-Seur's favorites.  But we have also had beer flavored and lobster ice cream.


Here we will share about the facility and location.  We have had good ice cream in some amazing locations and some good ice cream in dives. The location can enhance the experience positively or just make it interesting. 


As the Cone-A-Seur and Mrs. travel the world we seek out the best ice cream and share our observations about the ice cream, service, and the location.  We have visited more than 250 locations from Alaska to Ushuaia and from Vancouver, BC to St. Petersburg, Russia.  Join us on the journey to find the best ice cream in the world!!  We plan to deputize others in the future ... to help us find THE BEST!

We tell you about the people at the location.  Does it feel more like Thelma's Diner or the soup Nazi? We prefer Thelma. We have met fun and interesting people .  Many times this enhances the experience and the story!