Vivoli's in Florence, Italy is where it began and we have been back twice to validate the quality.  Always top notch gelato and the location is 5 cones.  The people are really nice but they speak a different language you know.  The address is Via dell'Isola delle Stinche 7R
50122 Florence

Just off the ship in the port at Kusadasi, Turkey is a neat little hut with ice cream and other treats.  You won't go for the service but the Turkish ice cream with honey and nuts and chocolate is top of the mountain. Oh, and you can visit Ephesus while there. What an amazing place!

This page captures our favorite ice creams and experiences.  We  begin with the top 4 and will revise as the quest warrants. Suggestions are welcome and if you visit one of the sites please give us your feedback.  We are also available on Facebook at Ice Cream Cone-A-Seur.  

Luna Rosa Gelato Café in Greenville, SC is among our favorite places.  The people were super nice and the gelato was wonderful.  5 CONES for the location, service, and gelato ... and if you haven't visited the bridge downtown ... it is worth a weekend get away!


9 W Washington St, Greenville, SC 29601

They have an ice cream in Norway called Soft-Is.  It is wonderful.  It looks like soft-serve but has a little different texture and flavor ... and many places have some really great coatings for your Soft-Is.  Try the strawberry and banana.