Ushuaia is at the end of the earth ... literally ... look it up.  It is at the very bottom of South America.  We were farther from Tennessee here than when we went to Russia.  But, what a beautiful national park they have!  And the ice cream ... yes, this was another communication issue. Few people there speak Tennessee so we were trying to get two cones (one for the Cone-A-Seur and one for the Mrs.) but we came away with one cone and two scoops.  

We shared.  The ice cream was really good and gets 4 CONES.  The location gets 5 with bonus points for the park and the great hat we found there.  The server was really nice and the place was clean and in a great location ... but they only get 2 CONES for translation. 

We will be adding more maps and addresses so you can visit the locations and give us feedback and ideas.  This photo is from Strasbourg, France close to the Cathedral in 2013.  Be sure to see the astronomical clock inside the cathedral.

Sometimes the language barrier is not such a bad thing.  I meant two scoops.  Ah, well.  We ate it.  This is at Constitution Square in Montevideo, Uruguay.  We got to stay an extra day which meant ... extra ice cream!

We have actually been to cities where many of the ice cream shops were closed in the winter.  What kind of crazy idea is that?

This place gets bonus points for being in Barcelona and close to Las Ramblas.  What a great city to visit!

Top Left - One of the Cone-A-Suer's TOP 4 in the World is Turkish Ice Cream.  It had honey and nuts in it and was located within walking distance of the port where our ship docked.  5 CONES for the ice cream but the two guys working there were definitely more interested in things other than customer service. It is worth the "attitude" you might have to experience the delicious ice cream. 

Top Middle - Ice Cream in Alaska.  Nice.  Yes, she told me I looked like I needed my cone in a cup. So the ice cream gets a 4 and the server gets ONE cone.  The fact that she was right is beside the point.

Top Right -Located on the main road in Broadway Village in England.  We were visiting the Cotswolds with Gill, Keith, Liz and Bob and had a fabulous experience!  The ice cream gets 3 CONES and the location and server both get 5 CONES.  What a great experience!

Bottom Left - Ice cream in the Faroe Islands.  The ice cream was from a local market but the best part was when Mrs. Cone-A-Seur was interviewed to be on local television ... she must look like she likes to talk.  Hmmmmm?

Bottom Right  - The "brothers from different mothers" having a treat when visiting stonehenge.  The ice cream  gets 3 CONES but the experience was great! Hey ...  we were at STONEHENGE and the server was kinda cute.